⛓️Blockchain technology implementation

Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most disruptive innovations of the last decade. One of the areas where blockchain is gaining ground is in the business world.

Intellectual property protection as a part of the legal sector has a great history but at the same time, lots of problems continue moving from decade to decade without big changes.

One of the most important things is that intellectual property protection space (including brand protection) is still really limited and not many people know the basis of brand protection and how they could help their brands in case of any type of violation on the Internet.

The process of brand protection is not transparent enough and brand supporters can not participate in this process, because it is always between the Brand and brand protection provider (lawyers, Law firms, automated brand protection solutions, etc.).

Mostly these obstacles still exist because of a lack of instruments that could help companies to bring the community into the brand protection process technically and lots of jurisdictions set up rules that specify such cooperation as a labor activity and brands can not provide any incentives to the community members.

But with blockchain technology we could reshape brand protection fully, now we could bring the community to the table that could find violations, report them in a fully transparent way, and get rewarded without any legal obligation arising.

The Pros of blockchain technology implementation in Lawyerd :

  • No legal obstacle to community brand protection globally

  • Full transparency in brand protection

  • No intermediaries

  • Multiple means of payment

  • Reducing costs of brand protection

  • Building trust between brand and community

  • Establishing deep brand-community connection

  • Community protection with a proactive user approach

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