Digital Brand Protection on Platforms and Social Media

After several years of successful brand protection, online selling platforms like eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon once again changed everything. From that point onward, not only site owners could sell counterfeits, but also the average person could easily create an account on the platform and sell counterfeit products. Lawyers worked in communication groups with governmental organizations and big platforms to create the best possible way of fast reaction to violations on the platform. Eventually, the platforms appointed brand protection officers and created a working mechanism inside the platform to help react to rightsholder claims quickly.

It was another boom in the evolution of intellectual property infringement when social media started connecting millions of people and creating a new marketplace for counterfeit and scam selling. Due to several significant cases, platforms created algorithms to track possible violations immediately after uploading on the platform and proactively eliminate violations from the very beginning. YouTube was one of the good examples of how they track and eliminate infringements on the platform.

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