Lawyerd community is a group of enthusiast who would like to protect their beloved brands and make the community safer from scams and counterfeits.

Lawyerd community has a hierarchy that helps new community members learn how to find and differentiate violations faster and avoid misreporting.

Lawyerd community has four main tiers

  1. Lawyerd team - core team members that frame community activity, and share important news about project development and new market insides.

  2. Community Advocates - professional brand protection specialists from top-level brands that share tricks and tips on how to detect violations, which instruments to use in the violation detection process, how to differentiate types of violation, and share best practices in brand protection

  3. Brand ambassadors - Lawyerd system users that got into the top 10 violation detectors and validators for particular brands. Brand ambassadors will have unique stickers that show their belonging to a particular brand defender team. Lawyerd will share the scoreboard with leaders each week on the company site.

  4. "Hunters" and "Inspectors" - main community drivers that catch violations, report and validate them, and get rewards from the Lawyerd system.

Additionally, we have Lawyerd promoters. The part of community members that would like to promote our solution globally and make social advertisements for other users.

They will be rewarded according to their exact contribution and activities.

The promoter that establishes a legal relationship with the brand will get 2% of the monthly subscription that particular brand is paying.

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